A well planned and executed presentation can help ensure you'll deliver a memorable and persuasive communication piece.

How to create a winning presentation

Perhaps it’s just more noticeable right now with so many online meetings, but one thing that’s struck me is how some things in the marketing toolkit get left to the last minute, or forgotten about completely.

Take presentations for example.

A good presentation can be the make or break of selling an idea or getting your team on board with your pitch.

There’s no mistaking that you will be judged on how you present your information. So make it count. Now let’s assume you’re okay with public speaking. (After all, half the battle with convincing your audience is making sure you know your subject matter inside out – and your audience.)

However, like most communication principles, try to keep things simple. Let the content speak for itself so it can enhances your audience’s experience. Take them on a journey.

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