Venus Shell Systems

Venus Shell Systems and PhycoHealth is Australia’s first food grade seaweed farm to food operation. We farm our seaweed by capturing distillery carbon dioxide and nutrients streams, added to south coast seawater and sun. We only release clean seawater and oxygen, and we can grow more protein than a cattle farm and more nutritional potency than a broccoli patch. Our seaweed based products are designed to deliver health and sustainability solutions through food. We are fully integrated from Sea to Service of our unique and exquisitely tasting pantry goods, fortifying ingredients and skin care products, making seaweed accessible everyday. We have a decade of research and development towards the best practice for Australian seaweed production and food formulation. We know how to dose seaweed for nutrition, flavour and safety. This is a first for Australia and a first for the world, so be among the game changers to bring this new Australian product to the people.


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