The Bay Games

Mat Lock is the General Manager of The Bay Games, a company that creates collaboration, community and connection in a bid to harness the human potential on the planet. It does this through it's progressive workplace wellness program and immersion events both in=-persona nd online.

Mat believes that being healthy, happy and connected to humans are natural antidotes to the challenges of the modern world. Mental wellbeing and physical fitness have a crucial role to play in the health of our societies and every person on the planet has the power to lead by example.

After more than two decades in senior management positions he's also a seasoned endurance athlete and now advocates for everyday athletes around the world. He shows how, together, we can transcend the world of sport and business, helping understand what leads people, and groups of people to perform to the peak of their potential.

To help share this message, he authored Lead By Example, a modern and best-selling playbook for becoming stronger – mentally and physically – and increasing your contribution. It provides the building blocks for healthier, more progressive businesses and societies.

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Matt Lock


Mat Lock General Manager, The Bay Games | [email protected]

+61 (0)477 550 393