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Big Brekkie - The Great Pitch

Thursday, August 26, 2021
7:00 AM

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Why a Great Pitch? Pitching is a skill that is very helpful in business and in life. Being able to move people into action is the key to a Great Pitch.

Who is the Shoalhaven Education Fund? [SEF]Formed around 8 years ago by a small group of people, SEF was formed to give opportunity and resources to young Shoalhaven people who needed a hand to move from school to either study, train or get a job.SEF became part of the Country Education Fund - a registered charity - more information below.

Why is this year so important? Due to the fires and then the coronavirus - our young people have been impacted. There has been loss, little part-time work, and the disruption throughout this year.In addition - the hard-working team of SEF Committee has been unable to get out and raise funds.

spba and SEFspba members have supported SEF each year since 2014.The strong ties with supporting young Shoalhaven people into future study and work is part of the mission for spba - to Develop, Retain and Attract Professionals to the Shoalhaven.

Would you like to donate ahead of time to the Shoalhaven Education Fund? Follow the link below and select CEF ' location foundation' and scroll to the Shoalhaven.$25 supports student mentoring$50 gives apprentices trade tools$100 provides laptops and textbooksYour donation is tax-deductible.

The Teams

The Stars - Trent Hilaire, Hill to Air- Annie Westley, Shoalhaven City Council- Dayle Latham, Australian Community Media- Rachel Otter, Consultant Biotechnology (Anticmicrobial) Scientist + Product Development

The Legends - Emily Hoerlein, Financial Dynamics- Mikayla Barnes, Innovation in Heels (+ Human Resources)- Clinton Coker, Shoalhaven City Council- Brooke Aldous, Shoalhaven City Council

The Heroes - Robert Hanna, MI Engineers- Ashleigh Reardon, Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre - Gemma Luxford, Shoalhaven City Library

Shoalhaven Education Fund – background The Shoalhaven Education Fund (SEF) was established to provide much needed financial assistance and support to local youth to help them achieve their post-high school education, training and vocation aspirations. We recognise that the cost of regional students pursuing their post-high school goals is often much greater than those of their metropolitan counterparts and that sometimes these costs can be prohibitive.

With this in mind, the SEF fundraises throughout the year and accepts donations from local residents and businesses in order to provide financial grants to students who need an extra helping hand. The funds come directly from your local community – none of it is government-funded – celebrating the aspirations of local youth and working to help them achieve these aspirations. It’s our way of saying “we believe in you and want to support your goals”.